Hello! My name is Shadab.
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Things that I'm good at.


Web development across the stack: whether it be a frontend, or service backend, or a middleware application.

I work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Java, SQL, and Shell Scripts. And I'm familiar with Python and Ruby. Got a fancy for Haskell & Rust, although I've not had a chance to use them professionally. My current focus is on the JavaScript & TypeScript ecosystem.

I develop applications using Angular, RxJS, Node.js, Bootstrap, jQuery, Symfony, and CodeIgniter as web frameworks. Redis for caching. Nginx and apache as web servers. HAProxy for load balancing. And, MySQL and Oracle for RDBMS.


From ideation to production: I work on making the process delightful to everyone involved. By applying software engineering principles to operations; I bring consistency and maintainability to an otherwise chaotic aspect of web development.

I've got a good understanding of CDN, DNS, Web servers, Reverse Proxy, and App servers in distributed application environments. And how all of these moving parts fit together.

I develop Continuous Integration pipelines using Jenkins, and GoCD; along with build tools: Webpack, Gradle, Maven, and Ant. I also work with Consul, from the HashiCorp stack, for Application config and Service Discovery.


I help fellow developers with the best-practices for software engineering and development.

Better handling of source control (Git), writing maintainable code (composable pieces versus. monolithic blocks), building extensible architecture, up-to-date development tools, and taking inspiration from functional programming as a philosophy. These are some of the many ways I help junior developers level-up.

I help with the development learning paths; depending upon the strengths of a person and technological interests that they take.


Things that I built some time back. None of my commercial projects and products are mentioned. These are personal projects and items that I worked on before starting with my professional journey.

PHP, XenForo Addon
PHP, XenForo Documentation
PHP, XenForo Addon
PHP, XenForo Addon
PHP, XenForo Addon
PHP, XenForo Addon
PHP, XenForo Addon
PHP, XenForo Addon
PHP, WebDAV, XenForo Addon
Ruby, Rails


I'm a Product Development Manager for Zycus Infotech. I have 12 years of experience in web development. This includes 4 years of freelancing, and 8 years of enterprise development. I'm located in Bangalore, India; before which I used to live in Mumbai.


You can reach out to me via
email shadab@geekpoint.net, Twitter (@geekpoint), or LinkedIn (Profile).